Is this YOU?

1. Do you have a burning desire to impact others but feel like your business isn't meeting your full potential?

2. Are you overwhelmed with educating yourself in your field and just wanna make some more damn money now?!

3. Are you frustrated because you know your worth, but have a hard time getting the world to see it?

4. Are you excited to get past the plateau and learn the strategy to multiply your business and income?

5. Are you are just getting by so you can’t serve people the way you desire?

Here's what I can do:

1. Help you map out a plan to reverse-engineer your business goals annually, quarterly, and weekly.

2. Create an empowered and action oriented strategy to bring your income and business goals to life.

3. Give you the mindset and manifestation tools that have helped many of my clients surpass the hump and create highly profitable businesses.

4. Help you SIMPLIFY and STREAMLINE so that you’re reducing your workload while maximizing your return

5. Create areas of passive income that can allow you to travel and work whenever and wherever you want

6. Show you how to "employ yourself", allowing you to have more time in the day doing the things you love

7. How to create an audience of raving fans who are connected to your story and mission



Who this program is for:

  1. You have a big mission to share with the global community

  2. You want to make an impact but feel like the people who need your service just don’t know you exist

  3. You are excited to connect with Meg's community of high performers and learn from the best

  4. You are have been stuck at the same income for years and finally ready to do what it takes to leverage time and money

  5. You TRUST that this program will be the best decision you make for your personal and professional development

Who this is NOT for:

  1. You aren't willing to take responsibility for your life and your business.

  2. You are not ready to make a large investment

  3. You are not ready to get uncomfortable or address the dark shadows that are holding you back

  4. You are not yet ready for high level entrepreneurship

  5. You are happy with the income you are currently making and not looking for growth

  6. You are not ready to peel back layers and dip deep into the mindset and strategy that's holding you back


What's included:

*every single client is unique so some need not apply

  • 24 Weekly 50-60 Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Full email access to keep the momentum going between calls

  • Access to Megan's Soul Success community and learn how to be resourceful vs DIY

  • How to price out your products/ programs and map out your income sources to meet your financial goals

  • How to create multiple sources of passive and active income

  • Weekly accountability and task list to ensure that you are always moving forward

  • Digging deep into the systems you are using to maximize efficiency

  • Learn how to automate your business so you're working less but making more

  • Mindset, manifestation, and creating a mantra for yourself that will help you stay aligned and on course with your mission

  • Learn tools to simplify your business and your life

  • Morning mastery routine, time blocking strategies and organization

  • Strategic business marketing, sales strategy, and automation systems

  • How and when to hire and build your agency

  • Strategic website content and development

  • How to develop powerful ad copy

  • Endless hi-fives, hugs, smiles, and loving energy

  • How to access the laws of attraction to gain the MAGIC buried deep inside and FIND YOUR FLOW.

  • All personalized just for you! Because you deserve it.

Meg’s 5 Step Strategy

1. Manifest

Mindset and Clarity of a High Performing Entrepreneur

  • How to reverse engineer a strategy that bridges the gap between your big picture vision and where you are now.

  • Using the laws of attraction and how you can transition from resistance in your business to being in the receiving mode

  • How to be resourceful and connect with the right people who will support you in moving the needle forward

  • Release limiting beliefs and replace with thoughts and statements to attract abundance

  • Develop positive relations that energize you and your mission

  • Tap into the emotion behind your decisions so you build momentum for what you want

  • Developing your mastery routine so you are proactive every single day

  • Getting really clear on your energy and where you put your power

2. Launch

Branding Your Biz & Creating Unbelievable Offerings

  • Expanding your business online to make a global impact

  • How to create multiple sources of passive and active income to meet your income goals. Let’s make money honey!

  • Reverse-engineering your programs for launch mode

  • How to create kick ass sales copy

  • Linking clarity to content

  • Market research and testing your audience so that you create programs your peeps just cannot say no to!

3. Nurture & Build

Developing your community and becoming visible

  • Tools and strategies to develop your following

  • Develop your client pathway so your people stay with your forever

  • How to build your list so new people are following you every single day!

  • The power of facebook groups and other online systems to gain new clients and become the influencer

  • The strategy to nurture your peeps so they are actually excited to open your emails

  • How to create a community that has your back (and you have theirs!)

  • How to create freebies, e-books and other offerings to show how valuable you are

  • Creating the right email, facebook, IG, nurture sequence

4. Test

Test your systems and develop a strategy for how you can make more money while working less

  • Testing your offers to see what is converting to meet your business goals

  • Fine tuning systems that work itself so you can plan your next long vacation

  • Develop a strategy that converts to your financial desires

  • Create and/or fine tune your funnels so they are automatic

  • Imagine waking up in the morning with new sales and deposits into bank account!


5. Expansion

Nurturing the sh*t out of your audience so that people follow you FOOORRREEVVVVERRRRR

  • Tools to become a big influencer in your field

  • Simplifying what’s converting and multiplying it for massive expansion

  • The type of content to attract and keep your peeps engaged for the long-haul

  • How much content to reveal for free and what you offer for $$$

  • How to grab powerful testimonials, referrals, affiliates, and how to maximize your community

  • How to gauge your audience and give them what they need

  • How to set up your business powerfully for the next 6-12 months so you have clarity on what you’re doing every single day to move your mission forward


Why apply?

Because I am committed to ONLY working with changemakers who are ready to PLAY BIG. It is my mission to get you to make more money in your business than ever before! Playing small in my business only stunted my growth...for years. I know that you are meant for more which is why I am inviting you to make BIG and BOLD decisions in your life and your business. It will be hard to find someone else who will care more about your success than me.

Are there guarantees?

Nope. And I would be lying if I did because the success of your business is completely dependent on YOU. I can however, guarantee that I will SHOW UP FOR YOU, MY FRIEND. There will be no one who cares more about your success than me. I will give you the tools that have helped my clients go from ZERO to HIGH EARNING. I will do everything possible to set you up for success, all you gotta do is stay with me!

So 6 months and you're gone forever?

Nope. While our weekly coaching calls will come to an end, our relationship won't. I am here with you FORRRRREVVVVVVVVVER. You will have a coaching exit strategy and will be invited to join free coaching calls, follow-up conversations, courses, intimate meetups with my community of leaders, and mini-mastermind programs with my community for life.

What clients have to say... 

When I first started working with Megan, I was just beginning to grow my coaching business.  I didn’t have a brand nor was I making any income!  I also didn’t have a clue what kind of content I wanted to create.  Megan skillfully helped me figure out who my client was and how to market myself.  Within the first year of working with her, I enrolled 8 private clients and was making around $10,000 a month!  Since then, I’ve also created  a group coaching curriculum.  Megan is great at helping you find YOUR OWN VOICE!  I’d recommend anyone to work with her!


"Working with Megan breathed new life into my business. I was stuck and needed help getting out of a rut. Within days of my first meeting with Megan, I had a TV appearance, planned a workshop (that sold-out) and felt re-energized. She helped me to get my ideas organized so I could get results. She gently, yet effectively, held me accountable for my dreams so that I could manifest them into reality. Thank you, Megan, for helping me cultivate and own my magic." - Elizabeth Howell

Success Coach, Sound Healer, Author

"Megan's program is TRANSFORMATIVE. You will not be the same person or business woman after going through her program. She helped me realize gifts I didn't know that were inside of me and my vision for the future is so bright. Please make this leap of faith and trust the universe. You will not regret working with Megan. She is INCREDIBLE!!!!!" - Jaime Rivetts

"Love love LOVE Megan. I have been working with Meg for 4 years. She has given MANY tools that have helped me stay focused in mind-body and spirit as I build my health & fitness Business. Megan's coaching is fun, simple & magical; she totally brings out the child-like creative version of myself and her coaching gave me the confidence and tools to open my own studio and replace my bar tending income. She also provided a solid structure that helped keep my business organized. I absolutely LOVE her retreats, each retreat I have been on gave me the courage and strength to make BIG & BOLD decisions in my life. I have grown so so so very much as a result of Megs' coaching. So grateful for you!" - Teshia Campbell

Founder, Luminous Nutrition

"Words cannot express how this program has been the ultimate life game changer for me. I now have a Morning Mastery Routine, healthy eating accountability, a daily exercise and meditation practice, life coaching, and the support, encouragement, and network that I so craved and needed to be the best version of me possible. I now have a network of the most amazing and inspirational women to guide me, provide different points of view, unique perspectives, and direction so that I can grow and open myself up to so many possibilities in my life and business. Megan and I have become amazing friends and I acknowledge and am so grateful to her for helping me on my journey. For anyone serious about transforming their lives and creating new lifestyle habits, this is the coaching program for you. It is individual, intimate, invaluable, and the best decision I have ever made for personal and professional development. This coaching program has been such a game changer for me, I have continued with Megan for another 90 day session and am loving my journey". -Jennifer Helms Owner, Just Flowers

"Meg has helped me build my business around being a stay at home mom. Since starting her 90 day 1:1 coaching program, I have doubled my income. I now have the strategy and the tools to grow my business around my kids." -Darlene Miller, Healthy Lifestyle Coach