Congratulations! You are on your way to manifesting you best year yet.

Now I have something special for you...


Because I know what doing it all alone got me… STUCK.

I want to hold space for you and your desires which is why I invite you to join myself in my exclusive mastermind accelerator!

Do you have a strong vision for your business and lifestyle goals, but confused as to where you begin?

  1. Would you like you understand the magic behind the laws so you’re no longer wasting time and money searching and searching for your dream clients?

  2. Would you like a strategy to stay focused on your vision with a coach and team of women who will hold you accountable?

  3. Are you excited to map out a plan and reverse-engineer your biggest desires?

  4. Are you tired of holding yourself back and ready to take your business and life to the next level?

You are just starting to experience a vibrational shift in your business and life, and wondering where to go next?


Here's what I can do:

1. Get to the root of your dark shadows so you can move forward with abundance in all areas of your life. Hello financial freedom and next long vacay!

2. Replace those limiting beliefs with empowered strategy to bring your income and business goals to life. Let’s get you fully booked!

3. Dive into your systems to see what's working/not working for you and create a strategy that converts. Work less and get paid more.

4. Create areas of passive income that can allow you to travel and work whenever and wherever you want.

5. Show you exactly how to "employ yourself" that will allow you to find you have more time in the day to spend with your friends and family.

6. Map out a plan to show you how to multiply your income (if that’s a goal).

7. Take what lights you up and turn it into a revenue generating machine!


Who this program is for:

You are looking to develop wealth in all areas of your life (health, finances, relationships, spirituality, etc).

You are excited to connect with Meg's community of powerful women who will serve to empower you to live at your highest potential. No more doing it all yourself. This community can serve as a board of directors for your business and life.

You are ready to unlock limiting beliefs in your business and lifestyle. Hello next big promo!

You are excited to change your mindset from scarcity to a mindset of abundance. No more stressing about lack of money or relationships.

You are have been stuck at the same income for years and finally ready to do what it takes to leverage time and money.

You are 1000% committed and ready for CHANGE.

You are ready to surrender and access your LIGHT.

You TRUST that this program will be the best decision you make for your personal and professional development.

Who this is NOT for:

You aren't willing to take responsibility for your life and your business.

You are not ready to make an investment in yourself

You are not open to connecting with your spirituality

You are not ready to get uncomfortable or address the dark shadows that are holding you back

You are not yet ready for an entrepreneurship or big life transition.

You are happy with the income you are currently making and not looking for growth.

You are not ready to peel back layers and dip deep into the mindset that's holding you back.

You are comfortable where you are and are not looking for a change.

You have tried coaching programs before but never completed them.

You are not open to learning new tools to improve yourself and your lifestyle.

The motto "work harder on yourself than you do on your day job" does not resonate with you

4 week accelerator mastermind group to support you in manifestation and reverse-engineering your biggest desires.

This Mastermind includes:

  • 4 weekly group trainings ($500 value)

  • Oracle card reading with action steps ($250 value)

  • Accountability partner plus weekly task list ($500)

  • 2 group mastermind calls ($1000 value)

  • Private Facebook Group ($500 value)

Total Value = $2,750!

Register now for just $347 or 2 payments of $225!


"Megan has an exceptional gift. She can extract your true purpose and help you monetize it in a way that is aligned with your lifestyle and goals. Her systematic approach enabled me to launch my online business in 2 months and create a passive income stream so that I can help more people, still have time with my kids, and maximize my earning potential. My very first challenge I registered 130 people and recently hit my first $10,000 week!" -Jen Lud, Owner


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